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Bokken F1 Hybrid Capsicum (Syngenta)

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  • Tolerance to Powdery Mildew & TSWV
  • Good Field Holding capacity & Shelf Life
  • Suitable for Green & Red Fresh Harvest

Yield:- 12 - 15 MT/acre (depending on season and cultural practice)

Size:- Medium 

Shape:- Blocky Fruits

Maturity:- Green Fresh picking at 60 to 65 days, Red Fresh Picking at 110 to 115 days

Seed Rate:- 150 to 200 grams Per Acre

Sowing time:- August to December

Harvesting:- Full mature firm green fruits start harvesting at 60-65 days, later at 5 to 7 days intervals. Timely picking stimulates plants to produce more flowers