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Brinjal -25 F1 Hybrid Brinjal/Eggplant (Sarpan Seeds)

Rs. 320.00

A all season hybrid with excellent quality features and flavour. Among most brinjal grown in tropical regions this F1 hybrid has unique taste and flavour. Prolific bearer, tall sturdy plant with unique purple green prominent stripes, shiny glossy,  low seeded firm fruit. Solitary in fruit bearing habit . Fruits are   spiny with tender long fleshy stalk and calyx. Fruits are  high round to oblong .

  • Plant type and habit : Compact profuse branching, prolific bearer. All season
  • Plant Height : 80-90 cm.
  • Fruit features : High round fruits, green purple striped, spiny, shiny, low seeded. Solitary fruiting.
  • Fruit weight : Medium size high round fruits-70-80 gm.
  • Special features : Very tasty fruits with low seed content, excellent flavour in fruits among all brinjal hybrids in Market .Suitable for stuffing and cut vegetable preparation. Fruits are firm. Even fully grown up fruit will be tender with less seeds.