Brinjal -95 F1 Hybrid Brinjal/Eggplant (Sarpan Seeds)


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Rs. 320.00

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All season tall plants 80-90 cm with unique purple tint in top leaves. Fruits are black shiny, non spiny, medium size, oblong , calyx and stalks are fleshy, firm fruits,  low seeded . Tall plants with prolific bearing and very high yielding.

  • Plant type and habit : Bushy compact, tall, prolific bearer.
  • Plant height : 80-90 cm. Good branching.
  • Fruit features : Dark blackish, oblong fruits, low seeded, shiny glossy, fleshy calyx and stalk. Non spiny calyx.
  • Fruit weight : 60-70 gm.
  • Special features : Tall plant with prolific bearing, tender blackish shiny glossy fruits, low seeded, very attractive appear in clusters. Very high yielding.


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