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Calina IPB9 Hybrid F1 Papaya (Sunprime Seeds)

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  • Tree height between 1 - 1.5 meters
  • Every tree is bearing fruit
  • Eight months of planting can be harvested
  • Fresh sweet taste
  • The fruit size is not too big
  • Orange red lights up
  • thick and soft flesh
  • The fruit flesh is firm
  • Does not emit a distinctive papaya aroma


Calina Papaya is a native Indonesian fruit. This variety is the result of the breeding of IPB University researchers. This papaya is widely planted by farmers in various regions throughout Indonesia because of its various advantages and high market demand. Small papaya with an average weight of 1.3 kilograms per fruit is sold in large supermarkets, labelled as "California papaya". This papaya has been exported to foreign countries including Malaysia and Singapore.

The thing that makes Calina papaya favoured by consumer and dominates the fruit market is its sweet taste, thick and soft meat, unprocessed, red in colour, and does not emit a distinctive papaya aroma. In addition, the fruit is not too large and can be spent in a single meal, so there is no need to bother storing the cut papaya into the refrigerator.

In the framework of the Orange Revolution Movement, PTPN III has planted Calina papaya on its 2,500-hectare land. The movement aims to increase the production and consumption of fruit from the archipelago and target Indonesia as a leading tropical fruit producer in ASEAN in 2025 and successfully meet the export target of around 5.95 million tons of fruit. The advantages of Calina papaya are expected to help realize the dream of this nation to become the world's biggest exporter for the tropics in 2045.

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