Sarpan 102 Super - F1 Hybrid Byadgi Paprika Chilli (Sarpan Seeds)

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Plant                :  Compact, sturdy, tall 120-130 cm.

Fruit habit         Pendent, prolific bearing.

Fruit colour     :  Dark cherry red. 260 ASTA.

Fruit features  :   Fruit 2.5-3.0 cm in shoulder, thick long-15-18 cm,

                              highly wrinkled. Dabbi

Pungency          :  Mild in pungency . 5000- 6000 SHU.

Special features : Excellent fruit quality, flavour, extra early, wrinkled, easy to harvest , tall sturdy plants, highly tolerant major pests and diseases. Excellent in Traditional Byadgi chilli growing regions of North Karnataka. Broad based F1 hybrid on CGMS three line hybrid.

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