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Golden Red -गोल्डन रेड Yellowish Red Flash F1 Hybrid Watermelon (Konico Seeds)

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Introducing the Golden Red Watermelon, the perfect addition to your farm! With rich, golden skin and juicy red flesh, this fruit will delight your taste buds. Our watermelon is a hybrid variation that meets the needs of every farm enthusiast!

Our Golden Red watermelon boasts a small seed cavity, making it easy to enjoy every mouth-watering bite. With oval to oblong fruit shapes ranging from 3.5 to 5.5 kg, you can be sure that no family gathering or BBQ will go without this treat.

The Golden Red has a high yield and an early maturity duration of 60-68 days. It's disease-tolerant against wilting, which is a plus for any farmer who wants to minimize losses. Recommended for cultivation in all of India, it is an all-season fruit that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Here are a few features and benefits you can expect when you purchase our Golden Red watermelon:

- High yield: This watermelon plant provides a consistently high yield, ensuring you have an abundance of fruit to help keep your family healthy and hydrated.
- Disease-tolerant: It's always a relief to know your plants don't fall victim to pests and diseases, and the Golden Red watermelon is no exception. Its resistance to wilting saves farmers' crops and eliminates losses in revenue.

These are just some of the fantastic features of our watermelon. Its delicious taste and many uses make it an ideal fruit for any family gathering or event. Don't wait any longer! Plant your Golden Red Watermelon seeds today and enjoy its sweet flavor all summer long.

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