High Quality Roof Top Organic Farming Grow Bag - 500 HDPE GSM

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Rs. 200.00

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1. Elegant, Durable, Thick ,Strong ,Rugged and UV Treated Poly Grow Bag
2. Best suited for Kitchen Gardening, Home Gardening , Poly House Gardening ,Roof-Top Gardening, where the space is restricted
3. Ideal method to grow all types plants like Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables , Black interior and White exterior for perfect plant growth (reflecting sunlight back towards your plants)
4. Can be used for all kinds of weather conditions , Plant grow bags are low cost as compared to ceramic or plastic pots
5. Very Easy to handle and can be moved from one place to another place , Easier than conventional ceramic or plastic pots, Can suit for small/medium/large size plants growing

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