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Tejas/तेजस Watermelon (Namdhari Seeds)

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Round To Oval Type Hybrids

An early maturing hybrid (75-80 days) with dark bluish green rind. It produces round fruits of 6 - 8 Kg weight. Flesh is sweet (TSS 12 %), deep crimson colour with granular texture. It's a high yielding hybrid producing superior quality fruits with good uniformity in size and shape.

Hybrid type: Round To Oval Type
Relative days to maturity (DS): 75-80
Rind Pattern: dark bluish green rind
Fruit size (kg): 6-8
Fruit shape: round
Flesh colour: deep crimson
Flesh texture: good
Sweetness TSS (%): 12
Remarks: early, prolific bearer, round attractive medium sized fruits
Recommended for: India