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Wonderland® Alyssum Hybrid Imported (Benary Seeds)

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Growing On:
Alyssum prefers cool finishing temperatures. Maintain 50-55 °F (10-13 °C) night temperatures and 55-60 °F (13-16 °C) day temperatures. Fertilize every other irrigation 150-200 ppm nitrogen in a well-balanced fertilizer.
Use a well-drained, growing substrate with 20-30 % clay, 1-1,5 kg/m³ complete balanced fertilizer, 0-2 kg/m³ slow release fertilizer (3-6 months), iron-chelate, micronutrients, pH 5.5-6.2
Grow at 13-15 °C (55,5-59 °F) during day time and 10-12 °C (50-54 °F) during night. Temperatures above 16 °C (61 °F) will support stretching of the shoots and an application of growth regulators will become necessary. Lobularia does not tolerate temperatures below -2 °C (28,5 °F).
Low-moderate fertilization levels are required. Fertilize the crop weekly with 100 -150 ppm nitrogen, using alternating a potassium balanced fertilizer and a calcium nitrat fertilizer (N:K2O-ratio 1:1,5). Avoid high ammonium and high nitrogen levels. To prevent magnesium deficiency apply magnesium sulphate (0,025 %) 1-2 times and in case of iron deficiency (above pH 6.0) apply iron chelate for 1-2 times.