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Ambition® A unique crop supplement formulation with Amino acids & Fulvic acids (Bayer India)

by Bayer
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Ambition® is Bayer’s advanced crop supplement for enhancing crop efficiency. Ambition® helps crops reach their true potential by managing nutrient efficiency, improving plant defense mechanisms and enhancing crop performance.


Amino acid promotes plant growth and stimulates photosynthesis. It increases fertility and fruit setting. It is also proven that amino acids facilitate penetration of nutrients in the plant system (chelating effect of glycine) and activate defense enzymes for increased tolerance to abiotic stress.

Fulvic acids are powerful carriers of essential nutrients into the plant cells. They enhance the activity of anti-oxidant enzymes involved in plant tolerance to abiotic stress. 


  • Ambition has high concentration of amino acids that promotes growth, vitality and crop performance
  • Amino acids and fulvic acids ensures enhanced penetration of nutrients and stress resilience. They activate the plant’s defense enzyme systems for increased tolerance to abiotic stress
  • Ambition improves flower retention, fruit set and increases marketable produce
  • Ambition is an organic solution and does not leave residues. Hence it can be used at any stage of the crop growth


    • Time of application: Ambition is recommended as a foliar spray at 2-3 ml/L water or 1L/acre as drench application. 3-4 applications are recommended for best results: 1st application during the vegetative phase of the crop, 2nd application during flowering stage and 2-3 applications during fruit development stage.
    Crop Purpose
    Horticulture crops like Potato, Chilli, Tomato, Brinjal, Okra, Cole crops (cabbage and cauliflower), Cucurbits, Onion, Leafy vegetables, Floriculture, Apple, Grapes, Citrus, Pomegranate, Mango, Banana

    Crop Efficiency and Stress Management

    Cereals like Rice and Wheat


    Crop Efficiency and Stress Management

     Broad acre crops like Cotton, Corn, Soybean, Groundnut, Pulses (Bengalgram, Redgram, Blackgram, Greengram)
    Plantation crops like Tea