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Anuj F1 Hybrid Pumpkin (VNR seeds)

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The Anuj F1 Hybrid Pumpkin (VNR seeds) is the perfect addition to your farm for a bountiful harvest. With its outstanding features and high yield variety, this pumpkin will surely impress you and your customers. Let's take a closer look at what makes this pumpkin a must-have for any farm.

One of the key features of the Anuj F1 Hybrid Pumpkin is its flat round fruit with a cream to yellow flash. This distinctive appearance not only adds a visual appeal to your farm, but also makes it stand out from other pumpkin varieties. Imagine the excitement of your customers when they see these unique pumpkins on display at your farm stand or in their CSA boxes.

Another great benefit of this pumpkin is its high yield. With a recommended seed rate of 700-800g per acre, you can expect a plentiful harvest. In just 70-80 days, you'll be ready to harvest these pumpkins and make a profit. Whether you sell them at your farm stand or supply them to local grocery stores or restaurants, you can count on the Anuj F1 Hybrid Pumpkin to deliver exceptional results.

In terms of planting, the Anuj F1 Hybrid Pumpkin thrives with a sowing distance between rows of 6-8 feet and a plant-to-plant distance of 2-3 feet. These guidelines ensure optimal growth and maximum yields. The pumpkins will have enough space to spread their vines and produce healthy, robust fruits.

So why wait? Add the Anuj F1 Hybrid Pumpkin (VNR seeds) to your farm today and enjoy the benefits of its unique appearance and high yield. Your customers will be thrilled with the quality and taste of these pumpkins. Get ready for a successful pumpkin season!

  • Distinctive flat round fruit with cream to yellow flash
  • High yield variety for a bountiful harvest