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Apollo/अपोलो F1 Chinese Cabbage (Takii Seeds)

Rs. 315.00

Introducing the Apollo/अपोलो F1 Chinese Cabbage, brought to you by Takii Seeds! This premium Chinese cabbage variety is a must-have for your garden. With its vibrant green exterior and light yellow interior, it not only looks enticing but also offers a range of benefits that will make your gardening experience a breeze.

One of the standout features of the Apollo/अपोलो F1 Chinese Cabbage is its excellent field holding capability. It stays fresh for longer periods, allowing you more flexibility in harvesting. Plus, its robust tolerance to heat ensures that it can withstand hot weather conditions and even heat spikes without sacrificing quality.

Another advantage of this variety is its strong resistance to Clubroot, a common disease that affects cabbage plants. By choosing the Apollo/अपोलो F1 Chinese Cabbage, you can reduce disease pressure and promote a healthier cabbage crop.

Harvesting the Apollo/अपोलो F1 Chinese Cabbage is a breeze, as it typically reaches maturity approximately 65 days after sowing. Its moderate head height and average weight of around 5.5lbs provide the perfect size for culinary use.

Chinese Cabbage, including the Apollo/अपोलो F1 variety, requires vernalization for optimal growth. This means that low temperatures of 5°C for a week or 10°C for two weeks play a crucial role in bud differentiation and bolting. For spring harvest, make sure to transplant seedlings with 5-7 true leaves raised at 23-24°C during the day.

With its exceptional characteristics and numerous benefits, the Apollo/अपोलो F1 Chinese Cabbage is a must-have for any avid gardener. Whether you're a professional farmer or a beginner, this variety will ensure a successful cabbage harvest. Don't miss out on the opportunity to grow this fantastic Chinese cabbage variety in your own garden!