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Crispy/क्रिस्पी Hybrid F1 Muskmelon (Konico Seeds)

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Welcome to the world of Crispy/क्रिस्पी Hybrid F1 Muskmelon! This delightful muskmelon variety from Konico Seeds is here to make your taste buds dance with joy.

Get ready to experience the perfect combination of sweetness and crunchiness with this early high-yielding muskmelon. It is specially designed to thrive in all regions of India.

One bite of this muskmelon and you'll be mesmerized by its oval shape and the charming netting on its skin. With an average fruit size of 1.5-2kg, it is the ideal choice for a refreshing snack or a satisfying dessert.

The sweetness of this muskmelon is truly exceptional, with a TSS (Total Soluble Solids) level of 12-15%. Each juicy bite will leave you craving for more.

Transportation will never be an issue with this muskmelon. Thanks to its excellent flesh and reduced cavity, it stays in perfect shape even during long journeys.

  • Refreshing sweetness that tantalizes your taste buds
  • Oval shape with beautiful netting, making it a feast for the eyes

Whether you enjoy it as a standalone snack or incorporate it into your favorite recipes, this Crispy/क्रिस्पी Hybrid F1 Muskmelon is a must-have for all melon lovers. Bring the taste of summer to your table with this delightful fruit.