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Movento® Energy Spirotetramat 11.01% + Imidacloprid 11.01% (Bayer, India)

by Bayer
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Movento is Bayer’s new standard for long duration control of hidden sucking pests. Its key active ingredient Spirotetramat is the only modern 2-way systemic insecticide in the world i.e. it translocates in the xylem and phloem and thus offers “shoot to root” protection of the crop leaving pests nowhere to hide.


Spirotetramat is the new Ket-enol and acts through lipid biosynthesis inhibition. It has long duration efficacy against the development stages of multiple sucking pests. Its unique 2-way protection enables it to translocate both upwatrds and downwards to ensure complete protection of all parts of the plant.

Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) Classification No. Group 23


Excellent control of hidden pests
Shoot to root protection of the plant from the sucking pests
Offers long duration of control and protects the yield


  • Movento should be used at the early infestation stage for best results.
Crop Target Pest
Thrips, Aphids

Note: Do not use product near the areas of Bee-keeping.

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