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Premium EMc – Effective Microbial Consortium (Liquid) (IPL)

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Mode Of Action:
Premium EMc is a combination of beneficial micro-organism, which suppresses the diseases and check growth of harmful micro-organism. It improves growth of the plant, builds up the population of beneficial micro-organism in the soil. It also produce bioactive substances such as vitamins, hormones, enzymes, antioxidants and antibiotics that can directly or indirectly enhance plant growth and protection.

Method of application and dosage:
Seedling/Root stock treatment – Take 80 – 100ml Premium EMc and mix in 10 litre of water.
Foliar Spray – Take 300 – 500 ml in 150 litre of water.
Drip Irrigation – Take 1 litre Premium EMc per acre for drip irrigation.
Soil application – Take 1 litre of Premium EMc and mix in 80 – 100 kg of FYM and broadcast at the time of soil preparation or up to 45 days after sowing in standing crop and irrigate the field.