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Vincent F1 Hybrid Ornamental Sunflower (SAKATA)

by Sakata
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Rs. 3,700.00

Vincent’s® sunflowers are a major step forward in sunflower breeding and were bred to be less sensitive to day length for greater flexibility in programming, allowing growers to produce high quality crops early, mid and late season. Although there is better height under short days, Vincent’s sunflowers do not get too tall under long days. Well suited for producing dwarf type flowers for bouquets. They have strong seedling and plant vigor and produce pollenless flower heads that face upward on strong stems and necks. Vincent’s sunflowers have an extra ring of rounded, overlapping petals for better filled, more attractive flower heads and an increased percentage of saleable stems.

Vincent’s® Choice features the well-loved combination of a brown center and deep orange petals

Vincent’s® Fresh has a crisp, green center which is a clear alternative to current selections.

Vincent’s® Choice Deep Orange DMR offers Downy Mildew resistance and a slightly deeper orange color.

  • Pollen free and day length-neutral for year round production
  • High germ, short crop cycle and tight flowering window
  • Flowers form at a 45 degree angle on strong stems for superior presentation
  • Round, overlapping flower petals create a semi-double look