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Abhinav/अभिनव Tomato (Syngenta)

Rs. 1,220.00

Introducing Abhinav/अभिनव Tomato (Syngenta), the vegetable seed that will give you the best tomato yields that are perfect for long distance transport to sell to your customers. This semi-determinate tomato plant boasts vigorous growth habits and broad leaves that have excellent foliage coverage, ensuring that all your tomatoes are healthy and hearty.

What makes Abhinav/अभिनव Tomato (Syngenta) special are its unique features that will benefit your farm and increase your profits. Here are two key features that make it stand out:

- Tolerance to TYLCV: This tomato plant can withstand and overcome the impact of the Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus, ensuring that your yield will not be affected and you will have an uninterrupted supply of healthy tomatoes. Growers can hold their heads high knowing they are providing healthier products into the local and global markets.
- High Yield Potential: Abhinav/अभिनव Tomato (Syngenta) is known for its high production of medium-sized, firm, and very durable tomatoes that can take the rigors of long-distance transport without losing quality. It offers good heat set which implies that even in summers, the farm can expect a constant supply.

Furthermore, the plant is semi-determinate, which means it won't require any staking to keep it up off the ground. Tomatoes will start to harvest around 60-65 days after transplanting, which is a short period compared to other tomato plants. You can make sure that your harvest is full of fresh, healthy, and organic tomatoes.

Abhinav/अभिनव Tomato (Syngenta) is a great product that offers an excellent return on investment with its high yield potential. It's perfect for farmers looking to supply the local market with high-quality fruits that stand the stress of transportation. Hence, it's a must-have vegetable seed for any farm intending to make a foray into the tomato market. Buy Abhinav/अभिनव Tomato (Syngenta) today, and start growing the best harvests that make your farm thrive.

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