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Fame® Flubendiamide 480SC (39.35% w/w) (Bayer, India)

by Bayer
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In contrast to most commercially successful insecticides which act on the nervous system, Flubendiamide disrupts proper muscle function in insects and therefore represents a novel, unique mode of action. These characteristic symptoms are induced by Flubendiamide through the activation of ryanodinesensitive intracellular calcium release channels (ryanodine receptors, RyR) as shown by Ca2+ fluorescence measurements in insect neurons as well as in recombinant cells expressing the cloned ryanodine receptor from Drosophila melanogaster.

Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) Classification No. 28


Control of broad range of Lepidoptera pests. - Pronounced larvicidal activity, product has to be ingested - No ovicidal activity
Fame is fast acting and leads to rapid cessation of feeding immediately after ingestion of the compound
The unique mode of action of Fame makes it an excellent tool for resistance management programme and IPM suitable due to its favourable toxicity profile
Spreads on both sides of the leaf, thus saving time, energy and money
Rain fast due to specific physico-chemical properties
It is non-toxic to adult honey bees (LD50 greater than 200 μg a.s./bee for acute oral and contact exposure). Likewise, it does not pose a risk to beneficial insects as parasitoids, predatory mites, or foliage-dwelling insect species
Flubendiamide SC 480 is in general well miscible with conventional crop protection products. In particular cases miscibility tests should be performed prior to application. Always refer to the product label for details


Remarkable knockdown effect.
Deltamethrin exhibits a good residual activity due to a range of specific physico-chemical properties:
Solubility in fatty tissues allowing a good penetration into cuticle of leaves.
Very low solubility in water giving a good rain fastness.
Very low vapor pressure and therefore a good resistance to evaporation.
Most effective synthetic pyrethroid because of single pure isomer.
Demonstrates repellent action and anti-feeding properties.
Excellent rain-fastness.


Crop Target Pest
Cotton Boll worm
(American Bollworm and Spotted Boll Worm)
Rice Stem Borer, Leaf Folder
Tomato Fruit borer
Cabbage Diamond back moth
Pigeon Pea Pod borer
(Helicoverpa armigera & Maruca sp.)
Black Gram Pod borer
(Helicoverpa armigera & Maruca sp.)
Chilli Fruit borer
(Helicoverpa armigera & Spodoptera sp.)
Bengal gram Pod borer
(Helicoverpa armigera)
Brinjal Fruit & Shoot borer

Note: Caution is recommended in the areas where aquaculture and bee keeping is being practiced

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