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Humax (Humic Acid 98% -100% Soluble) (Zoospore Biological's)

Rs. 250.00

Humax is unique blend of organic matter. It increases lateral and white root numbers & improves rate of nutrient adsorption & helps to withstand in stress condition.

Humax reduces flower and fruit drop, improves the quality of fruit & vegetable, also increase in yield of perennial crops.


  • Increases crop yield.
  • Stimulate root development.
  • Increases the nutrient uptake.
  • Enhances growth of soil micro-organisms.
  • Stimulate the plant growth.

Dosage: (for foliar spray):

1-2gm per litre of water

 Other Crops:

First dose: 1250gm per hactare

Second dose; 1250 gm per hactare

(As per requirements)

Caution : Avoid Contact with eyes; Keep out reach of children; Don't Store in direct sunlight