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Neemboli - Neem Oil (Azadiractin 0.15% (1500 ppm) (Zoospore Biological's)

Rs. 460.00

Neem based liquid formulation (Bio-Insecticide) - Azadiractin 0.15% (1500 ppm) min


Azadirachtin a.i. (min) : 0.15% w/w

Neem Oil : 10.00% w/w

Emulsifier Poly Oxyethylene Sorbitan mono laurate : 10.00% w/w

Solvent n butanol : Q.S. % w/w

Direction of Use:

P.P. Equipment: - Knapsack sprayer fitted with a hollow cone nozzle in recommended.

Effective Against:

White flies, Catterpillars, Fruit & shoot Borers, Leaf folder, BPH and other insects.