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Hanging baskets Petunia x hybrida grandiflora F₁ SUCCESS! HD (Benary)

Rs. 1,800.00
  • Genetically compact series for “high density” production
  • Unbeatable in earliness and uniformity
  • Large flowers
  • Full packs, pots or baskets
  • Extremely vivid colors - 8 in the series

Culture guide
Packs, Pots, Hanging baskets, Mixed Containers and landscape

Sowing method
1 pellet per plug

 Keep covered until germination. Grow at 20°C applying 13-16 hours of light. Do not use PGR; the plant is genetically compact. Transplant after 4-5 weeks.

Growing on
Plant out in a sunny spot; planting distance is 30 cm x 40 cm.

Begin by watering to saturated (5); applying enough water to help dissolve the pellets. After sowing do not allow the pellets to dry back before moving to the germination chamber or benches. Maintain saturation (5) for 3-4 days or until radicle emergence. On day 5 reduce media moisture to wet (4) for the next 5-6 days. On day 10 reduce the moisture further to medium (2). Alternate between wet (4) and a medium (2) between watering.

Maintain an EC < 1.0. Fertilized water should not exceed an EC of 0.5. Upon initial germination, approximately day 5-6 begin feeding with 50 ppm nitrogen. Pay attention to the addition of boron since low boron can cause tip abortion. Ideal boron concentration is 0.5 ppm.

Stage I Starts with the radicle breaking through the testa. The roots are touching the medium. Ends with fully developed cotyledons.
Stage II Starts from fully developed cotyledons. Ends with the fully developed true leaf or true leaf pair.
Stage III Starts from the fully developed true leaf or true leaf pair and ends with 80% of the young plants being marketable.
Stage IV All young plants are ready for sale and in the process of being hardened off. This stage lasts about 7 days.

The cultural recommendations are based on results from trials conducted under Central European conditions. Different conditions in other parts of the world may lead to deviations in results achieved.