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Vamriza+ Dextrose Based Mycorrhiza 100% Watersoluble (Zoospore Biological's)

Rs. 700.00

It is an endo and ecto mycorrhiza which is a unique fungi having a symbiotic relationship with plant roots. Mycoriza+ elongates 100 to 150 times more long in soil which helps the plants to fetch more nutrients, helps in plant growth and also maintain soil humidity ultimately results in higher yield.

Benefits of Vamriza+ :

  1. Elongates plants roots which helps in more nutrient uptake for plants.
  2. Enrich nutrients in soil and maintain soil humidity.
  3. Make Plants healthy results in making disease tolerance.
  4. Ecofriendly.

Method of Application : 

  • Before application (3 to 4hrs), dissolve in sufficient water.
  • Dose - 250g/acre is sufficient which can be applied through irrigation, drenching, sprinklers or any other suitable method.
  • for use in transplanting plants, 250g/200 litre of water.
  • for soil enrichment - 250g/100kg of compost Cow (Dung etc.)

Crops :

CEREALS : Paddy, Wheat, Maize & Barley.

VEGETABLES : Tomato, Chilli, Capsicum, Eggplant, Potato, Cole crops, Cucumbers, Onion, Carrot, Beetroots and others.

FRUITS : Guava, Grapes, Banana, Apple, Citrus crops and others.

OIL CROPS :  Ground nut, Soyabean, Mustard and others.

FLOWERS : Petunia, Pansy, Verbena, Zinnia, Dahlia, Daisy, Phlox and others.

PULSES : Beans, Chickpea, Pea and others.

Others Crops : Tea, Cofee, Sugarcane, Cotton etc.

Composition :

Carrier base : Wettable Powder

T.V.C. : 240 spore/g

pH : 6.0 - 7.5

Moisture : 8-12%

I.P. : 4800/g

Safety Precautions :

  • Do not mix the powder with any type of chemical based fertilizers or pesticides.
  • Keep out of Children and avoid eye contact
  • Use under guidance of agronomist.