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Yellow King/येलो किंग F1 Hybrid Muskmelon (United Genetics India)

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Fruits mature with in 100-110 days. Fruit weight is around 2 kg. Flesh color is cream and it has yellow skin. It is very sweet and extremely high yielder. It is highly tolerant to PMR 1-2. It has a very long shelf life and is highly suitable for long distance transportation. Its vigorous vines provide good cover and high yields. Exceptionally suited for high quality markets and widely adapted in many regions and climates.

Additional Info
Maturity:100-110 Days
Fruit Weight:2 Kg
Resistance to Transport:*
Disease Resistance:Highly tolerant to PMR 1-2
Comments:Suitable to long distance transportation. Vigorous plants with good foliage cover, suitable for wide range of climatic conditions.