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Almite – Hirsutella thompsonii (Liquid) BioInsecticide (IPL)

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Target Disease/Insects:
Red, Pink, Yellow mites in tea, rose, fruit, vegetables and plantation crops.

Target Crops:
Coconut, Citrus, Apple, Litchi, Chili, Brinjal, Tomato, Cucurbits, Cotton, Tea, Roses etc.
Method of application and dosage:
Foliar Application – Mix 1 ltr. Almite in 150 to 200 ltr of water for foliar spray against mite in standing crop at the time of mites appearance in one acre. Follow 2-3 foliar spray in the morning time by using high volume spray to cover both side of leaves at 15 days interval to control the mites.
Mode Of Action:
The modes of penetration of Hirsutella thompsoniii in to the mites mainly through the legs, which later on forms hyphal bodies in chains in the haemolymph. Hyphae, on which spores are produced, emerge through the mouth as well as genital and apertures first and then from all over the body. This is well demonstrated in case of carmine spider mite and the oriental spider mite. Hirsutella thompsonii has been found to be safe to mammals.