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BENEVIA® Insecticide (FMC, India)

Rs. 950.00

Benevia® insecticide is an anthranilic diamide insecticide in the form of an oil dispersion formulation designed for foliar spray. Benevia® insecticide powered by Cyazypyr® active exhibits cross-spectrum action on several sucking and chewing insects. An early application of Benevia® insecticide in the crop life cycle helps the crop with a promising beginning and early crop establishment which paves the way for a superior yield and better crop quality.

Benevia® insecticide is a novel insecticide powered by Cyazypyr® active that impairs insect's muscle function and impacts insect feeding, movement and reproduction significantly
Benevia® insecticide offers a unique cross spectrum activity which gives nearly one-shot solution by controlling both sucking and chewing pests
Benevia® insecticide through rapid feeding cessation of insects protects foliage and developing fruits and it's transliminal action allows the product to reach pests (including lower leaf surface) where they feed and thereby provides effective control
Quick Rainfastness
Green label product
Powered by Cyazypyr® active - 10.26% OD


CROPS: Chilli, Tomato, Pomegranate, Grapes, Cotton, Watermelon

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