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Deepa/दीपा F1 Hybrid Chilli (Sarpan Seeds)

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A cayenne type F1 hybrid chilli  suitable for dual purpose green fresh and dry red. Plants are tall 90-100 cm compact, prolific bearer and high yielding. Fruits are 18-20 cm long , semi wrinkled , green shiny and dark  red fruits 120-140 AST in colour, hot pungent -25000-30000 SHU . Plants  are highly tolerant to leaf curl, wilt and heat.

  • Plant type : Compact tall plants. Dual purpose chilli.
  • Fruit habit : Pendent , prolific bearer.
  • Fruit colour : Green shiny, dark red fruits-140-150 ASTA.
  • Fruit length : 18-20 cm. partially wrinkled.
  • Pungency : Hot 25000-30000 SHU. Scoville heat units.
  • Special features : All season dual purpose F1 hybrid chilli. Fruits are partially wrinkled, long dark red pungent. Plants are highly tolerant to leaf curl , sucking pests and high heat.