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Velum prime Fluopyrum 34.48% SC (Bayer, India)

by Bayer
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Velum prime is a revolutionary Nematicide that offers long lasting protection against Root Knot nematodes. Nematodes attack the roots of host crop and multiplies very fast in favourable conditions resulting into formation of big knots on the roots. Amongst all nematodes seen in India, Root knot nematode is most prominently seen and causes substantial economic losses to the farmers.


The active ingredient fluopyrum selectively inhibits Complex II of the mitochondrial respiratory chain of nematodes. Following application of Velum prime, nematodes cannot generate energy to sustain hence initially take on the shape of a needle, becomes immobile and eventually dies.

  • Fast, effective and long duration control of Root knot nematodes.
  • Safety profile for the operator and the environment.
  • Low application rate and high flexibility in application.
  • Profitable and sustainable farm management


Crop Target Pest
Tomato Root knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita)

Note: Do not use product near the areas of Bee-keeping.

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