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Venedium Fastuosum - Orange & White Mix (Garden Festival)

Rs. 450.00

Are you looking for a perfect addition to your garden or backyard? Look no further than Venedium Fastuosum - Orange & White Mix (Garden Festival)! This stunning plant will add a pop of color and uniqueness to any outdoor space.

  • Key Features:
    • Beautiful Mix of Orange and White Colors
    • Easy to Grow!

Growing these seeds is a breeze! Plant them in well-draining soil in a spot with plenty of sunlight. Keep the soil slightly moist, but do not overwater. When the seeds start to sprout, thin the seedlings to ensure proper spacing and healthy growth.

  • Benefits:
    • Adds vibrant colors to any outdoor space
    • Low maintenance plant care

To keep your Venedium Fastuosum - Orange & White Mix (Garden Festival) healthy and happy, deadhead spent flowers and prune back any leggy growth. These gorgeous plants thrive in warm climates, so it's best to grow them in late spring or early summer. So what are you waiting for? Buy these seeds now and add a touch of beauty to your garden or backyard!


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