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Balaram (5907) F1 Hybrid Chilli (United Genetics, USA)

Rs. 520.00

Looking for a chilli that can withstand tough growing conditions without compromising on flavour? Look no further than Balaram F1 Hybrid Chilli from United Genetics, USA! This exciting variety is cold tolerant and highly productive, ensuring bountiful harvests no matter the weather.

Balaram F1 Hybrid Chilli boasts an impressive range of features that make it an ideal addition to any garden. From its smooth, attractive fruit surface to its medium pungency, each chilli is packed with flavour and heat – perfect for adding a little spice to your favourite dishes.

In particular, Balaram's unique hot set capabilities make it stand out from other chilli varieties. This means that even in hot, dry weather, the plant will continue to produce fruit – ensuring a steady supply of chillies for all your cooking needs.

If you're looking for a chilli that's versatile and delicious, Balaram F1 Hybrid Chilli won't disappoint. Its light green fruit is long and slender, measuring up to 20 cm in length and 1.8 cm in diameter – ideal for slicing into stir-fries, dicing for salsa, or stuffing for a flavourful appetizer.

Overall, Balaram F1 Hybrid Chilli from United Genetics, USA is an outstanding choice for anyone who wants to enjoy fresh, flavourful chillies straight from the garden. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, this versatile and hardy variety is sure to please, providing a steady supply of attractive, tasty chillies year after year. So why wait? Order your seeds today and start enjoying the many benefits that Balaram F1 Hybrid Chilli has to offer!

Key features and benefits of Balaram F1 Hybrid Chilli:

- Unique hot set capabilities ensure continuous fruit production, even in hot, dry weather.
- Large (up to 20 cm), slender fruit with a delicious, medium-pungency flavour.
- Cold tolerant and highly productive, making it an ideal choice for any farm.