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BANGARAM F1 Hybrid Chilli (Kalash Seeds)

Rs. 635.00

Introducing the BANGARAM F1 Hybrid Chilli (Kalash Seeds), a farm-friendly solution for all your chilli-growing needs. With its tall erect plant and light green foliage, this chilli variety is guaranteed to add a vibrant pop of color to your garden or farm. But its appeal doesn't end there, as it offers incredible taste and versatility.

Here are the key features of the BANGARAM F1 Hybrid Chilli:

  • Moderate Fruit Size: The medium-sized fruit of this chilli variety is perfect for a variety of culinary uses. Whether you're cooking up spicy curries, salsas, or pickling your own chillies, these moderately sized fruits are just what you need.
  • Pungent Flavor: Known for its pungency, the BANGARAM F1 Hybrid Chilli adds a delightful kick to any dish. Spice enthusiasts and chefs alike will appreciate the bold flavor that this chilli brings to their creations.

But that's not all! This chilli variety is not only packed with flavor and versatility, but it also offers several other benefits:

  • Dual Purpose: The BANGARAM F1 Hybrid Chilli is perfect for both fresh consumption and drying. Enjoy it fresh when it's in season or dry it out to enjoy its flavor all year round.
  • Smooth Dry Quality: The fruits of this chilli variety dry smoothly, ensuring a consistent and high-quality product. Whether you plan to use them in your own recipes or sell them, you can be confident in the texture and appearance of your dried chillies.

At BANGARAM Seeds, we understand the importance of quality and reliable results. That's why our BANGARAM F1 Hybrid Chilli (Kalash Seeds) are rigorously tested and carefully selected to ensure optimal growth and productivity in your farm or garden. So why wait? Start growing your own delicious and pungent chillies today with BANGARAM F1 Hybrid Chilli (Kalash Seeds).