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Microgreens Grow Kit (Make My Garden)

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Contains - Tray, Seeds, Cocopeat, Germination paper and Instruction manual.

Contain seeds of - Super Salad Mix, Spicy Radish, peppery Mustard, Cabbage Mix, Flax Seeds, Zesty Cress, Sweet Wheatgrass, Refreshing Amaranthus, Beetroot and Chia.

Benefits - 

Easy to Grow: Microgreens only need minimal space and light, making them great crop to grow in a few containers on your kitchen windowsill for easy access.

Quick Harvest: Depending on the variety, microgreens are ready to harvest in about 1 to 2 weeks after sowing the seeds. Since the stems and leaves are harvested young the plants don't have to mature before they produce a crop.

Nutrient Dense: Immature plant leaves are more nutrient-dense than mature leaves, with all the plant's vitamin and mineral content being concentrated into those tiny, tasty leaves. Some microgreens contain 5 to 40 times more vitamins and carotenoids than their fully grown plant counterparts.

Burst of Flavour: Microgreens may taste different than fully-grown foliage that you are used to eating. depending on what type of plant you are growing, the immature leaves have burst of flavours like a sweeter, milder, spicier, peppery or a more bitter flavour than the mature leaf.