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Rudraksha - Elaeocarpus angustifolius

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Rudraksha is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the name Rudra ("Shiva") and akṣha ("Tear Drops"). The specific epithet ganitrus is derived from ganitri, the name for this species in Sundanese and Malay.

The Tree of Rudraksha is about 50-200 feet high. It may be 14.60 meters to 29.20 meters tall depending on the area and the climate. The diameter of the trunk is up to 1.22 meter. The main trunk of the Rudraksha tree is cylindrical with a grayish white and rough textured bark. In Nature, a leafy crown of a Rudraksha tree takes pyramidal shape.

Rudraksha leaves are like mango tree leaves and its length are about 17.78 cms and width is between 2.54 cm to 4.45 cms. The leaves of Rudraksha tree are shining green on the upper side with a dull leathery dorsal side. In the beginning, these leaves are light green in color and turn into the deep green at the time of maturity and change into yellowish red before turning grey coffee color and falling. This cycle of leaves continues all over the tree throughout the year. Rudraksha flowers are white with fringed petals and they appear in April-May.

Growing season and Type:

1. The flowers of Rudraksha are white with fringed petals and they come into view in April-May. The fruits of Rudraksha come in June and ripen by August-October.
2. Rudraksha are bulbous in shape with a fat outside. Rudraksha beads are enclosed by the outer
shell of blue color on fully ripening. Hence Rudraksha beads are also called as blueberry beads. This Bead is hard and tubercles inside it.
3. The tree starts giving fruit after 7 years and fruits for a long time after the 7-year period. A single Rudraksha tree bears beads in all different faces or mukhis at the same time.
4. The higher mukhis or faces are very rare. Most common Rudraksha bead is the five faceted or panchmukhi.