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Safe Root - A BioNematicide (Multiplex)

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Content: Farmers are facing problem of growing healthy crops even after scrupulously following recommended package of practice . This is due to the built up of harmful nematodes in the soil root zone which are affecting the root and thereby the uptake of
plant nutrients & water. The average crop loss due to this is estimated to be around 10­50 % worldwide.
Multiplex after extensive research and field trials has come out with a bio product called Multiplex Safe Root. It contains mycelial mat, conidia spores of beneficial fungus in high concentration embedded in a special carrier material which is highly effective in controlling the causal organisms ie. Plant parasitic nematodes. Mode of action: Safe Root produces substances that act on the eggs, adults & free living stages of plant parasitic nematodes causing deformations and loss of movement. Multiplex Safe Root is able to penetrate the egg and grow inside the eggs and then it destroys the developing embryo.
Target pest­ All kinds of plant parasitic nematodes mainly Root­knot nematodes, Cyst nematodes, Burrowing nematodes, Citrus nematodes, Potato cyst nematodes, Rice root nematodes, Stunt nematodes etc.
Target crops­ All vegetables, Field crops, Fruits &10 liters of water and drench the base of the plant with 2.0 liters of this solution per tree. Repeat the drenching after 15 days.
Soil application :For one acre mix about 2 kg of Multiplex SAFE ROOT with 100 kg of Annapurna / well decomposed compost and broadcast in the field.
Pit application :For plantation crops apply 25 g of Multiplex SAFE ROOT in the pit before planting. After planting, about 25 grams of Multiplex SAFE ROOT can be mixed with 2 kg compost and sprinkled around the plant in the soil. i.e. 1 kg of Multiplex SAFE ROOT/ acre

Works best when used as a preventive rather than as curative application Works best, if sufficient moisture is maintained along with organic matter in the soil while application.
Should be stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
Compatible with most widely used Bio controlling agents, Plant extracts, Fertilizers &
insecticides. But should not be mixed with fungicides. Do not use fungicides at least for
15-­20 days before or after the use of Multiplex SAFE ROOT.
Controls all soil borne nematodes. Helps is healthy roots formation which will absorb plant nutrients & water as and when required by plant. This will lead to healthy plant growth which will result in increased yield.