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5G (Liquid) Natural Liquid Humic & Fulvic Fertilizer (IPL)

Rs. 900.00
Natural Liquid Humic & Fulvic Fertilizer '5G' with Natural Growth & Development, stimulator with Antistress, immune-modulator and adeptogenic properties.
Target Crops:
All types of crops like vegetables, cereals, fruits, flowers and ornamental plants.

Mode Of Action:
5G has a unique biological activity and prolonged action. It increases the productivity of different crops by 10-50%; decreases application rates of agrochemicals by 20-40%; removes stress from pesticides and agrochemicals; maintains plant resistance to bacterial and fungi diseases as well as to drought. Over wetting, frosts and others; improves the production quality; maintains soil water-holding capacity and fertility; bonds pesticides residues, heavy metals, and radionuclides in soil; prevents their input into plants and soil – ground waters.
Benefits To The Crop:
Enhances leaf size, color, flowering and fruiting
Increases yield with larger and better quality fruits
Improves vigour and resistance towards major diseases and insect attack
Maximizes the stress tolerance of plants like water stress, dry, frost and temperature imbalances
It stimulates overall plant growth and biomass development by accelerating cell division for thicker cell wall in fruits and vegetables for prolonged storage and shelf life
Helps to eliminate chlorosis due to trace elements deficiency in plants
Promote the development of chlorophyll, carbohydrates and amino acids in plants and aid in photosynthesis
5G improves overall the quality; improve their physical appearance and nutritional value