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Ornamental Sunflower Sunshine F1 Hybrid (Known You Seeds, Taiwan)

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Get the best quality seeds that can provide you with elegant and vibrant sunflowers - Ornamental Sunflower Sunshine F1 Hybrid. This product from Known You Seeds, Taiwan is a great source of delight and sophistication for indoor and outdoor gardening.

These Quality Seeds are available in two variants of Black Center and Yellow with Black Center with Indian Packing. Plan your garden today to take advantage of the beautiful Ornamental Sunflower Sunshine F1 Hybrid, easy to grow and manage.

  • Key Features:
  • Brilliant Ornamental Sunflowers - add a touch of elegance and beauty to any garden.
  • Unique Variants - choose from the two variances of Black Center and Yellow with Black Center with Indian Packing.

Wondering How to Grow the Ornamental Sunflower Sunshine F1 Hybrid? As a gardener, it is essential to choose the appropriate soil for planting sunflowers. The soil must be dry to touch, well-drained, and fertile. Water the soil consistently to keep it moist; seeds usually take 7-14 days to sprout. Expose the seedlings to at least six hours of sunlight per day, rotate the flower bed if needed for equal sunlight distribution.

A little Crop Care can go a long way - Pinch the extra leaves to give your sunflowers a better look and to retain their shape and size. Fertilise the plants regularly, this will provide extra nutrients which are necessary for sunflowers to grow effectively.

  • Benefits of Ornamental Sunflower Sunshine F1 Hybrid:
  • Ideal Cut flower - the perfect sunflower to enliven your home with its beauty.
  • Excellent choice for a gift - this product makes for a thoughtful and versatile gift for friends and family.

Whether you are a gardening enthusiast or just starting, the Ornamental Sunflower Sunshine F1 Hybrid is a must-have for any garden. This flower adds a touch of charm and brilliance to every surrounding.